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Hide-A-Hose Oklahoma CityToday’s homes have every kind of floor available in them. Some have Stone, Tile, Concrete and Carpet just to name a few. It just doesn’t make sense to have flooring or furniture and not have the correct cleaning tool, right? Be sure to ask us which tool will make cleaning quicker and easier for you!

We offer the Hide A Hose, Spot, Wally, electrified power heads, air-turbine units, manta mops down to the basic floor tools. We offer a diversity of central vacuum units, parts, vacuum attachments, vacuum hoses, vacuum filters, replacement motors, vacuum accessories, power brush and vacuum attachment kits for most major central vacuum manufacturers. In addition we have a complete line of power brush and vacuum attachment kits.

Are you still using the 1970’s technology – the Air-Turbine? Do you notice that when the brush makes contact with the carpet that the brushes slows way down? When the brush agitation slows down it becomes hard to push and you’re getting great exercise – but NOT a Deep-Cleaning! Try an Electric Power Kit Attachment upgrade, you’ll be amazed at how much dirt is being left behind with the air-turbine and how easy the electric power nozzle glides across the carpet!

Got Pets? Find out how quickly extract pet hair is extracted from carpets and furniture. Your new clean home will simply amaze your mother-in-law! Ask about the electric Mini-Power-head that will deep-clean your upholstery, stairs and vehicles.

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